Volkswagen puts production on-hold at main due to corona

Volkswagen puts production on-hold at main due to corona:- The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand is putting production on-hold in some zones at the Wolfsburg manufacturing plant from today’s night shift and also the component supply sections of the VW Group Components plant at Brunswick are also among the affected ones.

This is attributed to the corona virus infections among the labor force of a German seating foam provider resulting in manufacturing failure at the plant.

Markenhochaus (Brand Tower) – new Volkswagen logo
Markenhochaus (Brand Tower) – new Volkswagen logo

VW is working very intensively on countermeasures and replacements in order to curtail the effect. Volkswagen automobiles that cannot now be manufactured in Wolfsburg will be manufactured swiftly as possible so that they can be supplied to clients as usual.

The Volkswagen Management and the Works Council have decided on applying for a short-time working for the affected workforces.

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